High-energy, enthusiastic and inspirational motivational speaker

I'm Carl Barton, founder of EarnLearn.

I have arguably one of the most interesting and unique stories in Education - despite only commencing that journey at the age of 25.

Having overseen and assisted in the graduation of over 500 students at one of the Top 40 Universities in the UK, I now share my experiences with other educators, students and corporations.

I draw on 15-years as a University lecturer to connect to each and every member of the audience, ensuring engagement and interaction with all.

My stories deliver a simple message, telling the importance of a commitment to lifelong learning, balancing life and finance.

Need high-energy, inspirational and enthusiastic message-delivery?

These three key attributes are the foundations of my reputation, alongside a determination to succeed as a team-member and not just an individual.

More than just a motivational speaker...

Despite a troubled time in my early teens, I almost made it to daytime Radio 1 - before making a "Plan B" business that made me homeless and emotionally and financially traumatised.

It was at this point I started a record label with my best friend, Damian.

Within four years we had made four albums, had international radio plays and stadium bookings and, most importantly, cleared my debts.

Shortly afterwards, Damian passed away whilst we were on tour. I made the decision to hand all future royalties to his family, and walked away from chasing fame. My career in lecturing, began...

To Earn, you must Learn...


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