When Carl talks,

people sit up and listen.

The scampish raconteur delivers every message with endearing honesty, passion and energy.

More than just a ‘motivational speaker’…

  • More than 180 graduates, personally supervised
  • Over a decade lecturing at one of the country’s leading Universities for Music Technology
  • Former record and radio producer
  • MSc in Advanced Technology
  • BSc in Music Technology and Management
  • Holds a PGCHPE, FHEA, ABNLP and SEDA

One of the 3% to pay-off Student loans in full.

Carl is able to draw on 15-years as a University lecturer to connect to each and every member of the audience, ensuring engagement and interaction with all.

Carl delivers professional training sessions for both education and corporate functions.

If you need high energy, enthusiastic and inspirational message-delivery, then Carl is the person for you.

His reputation is built on these three key attributes, along with a determination to succeed as a team-member and not just as an individual.

Carl learnt quickly – to earn, you must learn; and so EarnLearn was born.

Carl’s stories demonstrate the importance of a commitment to lifelong learning, balancing life and finance.

Find out how Carl can help you.

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